Singapore Problem

We currently experience issues in Singapore to Vietnam causing high packetloss. This is due to a Subsea cable issue.

9th Aug 2022
Globe Telecom Optimized

Globe telecom route has been optimized. Please let me know if the situation with globe platers has been improved now

8th Aug 2022
Server AMD Ryzen 5900X Connection Updates

We are going to push a emergancy firewall update Singapore. There a small chance some players can get kicked.

Ragnarok, Ran Server  have been updated to patch a few new attack methods.

If you experience any issues feel free to create a technical support ticket

22nd Jul 2022
External issue connection

We are investigating packetloss issues on VPS node singapore. There is an external issue at our bare metal provider causing this issue. Anyways we have opened a ticket at the datacenter enterprise support. They are working on it

11th Jul 2022
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